Wynnum Wading Pool Park

Quick Overview:

With its nautical themed playground and waterpark, marked bike paths and beautiful scenery, Wynnum Wading Pool Park is a great place to take the kids for a day of fun, or for a quiet stroll by the beach and down the picturesque jetty.


What Is it?

Wynnum Wading Pool Park is a public water park located at the edge of town, next to the sea in Wynnum. Apart from the water park and wading pool, the park also features a playground for the kids, sheltered areas for picnics, nearby cafes and push bike paths, if you’re in the mood for a ride.
 The large wading pool just past the playground area fills with sea water at high tide through pipes in the ground, providing a great area for kids to swim – a much safer alternative than swimming in the ocean.
 The main attraction to the park is the nautical themed playground and waterpark, which includes whales that randomly squirt water out of their spouts!
 The park also includes plenty of conventional playground equipment such as climbing areas, slides and swings. My personal favourite was the large spiderweb like climbing structure pictured below.
 Along the waterfront there are marked bike paths and walk ways which provide a perfect spot for kids and adults alike to go for a casual ride, taking in the views of the nearby Pandanus beach – a small, calm stretch of beach, perfect for building sand castles.
With large trees galore and various covered gazebos, there are plenty of shaded areas surrounding the playground that provide the perfect spot for a picnic lunch or to sit down with a good book.
 My personal favourite thing about Wynnum Wading Pool Park however, would have to be the nearby picturesque jetty, which is the perfect place to go for a quiet stroll and take in the scenery.

How Do I Get There?

Wynnum Wading Pool Park is located on the edge of town right next to the sea on 119 Wynnum Esplanade, Wynnum. For more detailed directions check out the map below:

What Should I Bring?

We recommend bringing some swimmers, a bike if you’re in the mood for a ride, and of course as always we recommend bringing some sunscreen. If you plan on staying for lunch, there are plenty of good places to sit if you plan on taking a picnic, however there are also plenty of nearby shops if you’d prefer.

What Do You Think?

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