Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre

Quick Overview:

Featuring an informative wildlife section with loads of amazing animals and plants to see and learn about, Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre is a great place to take the kids for an exciting up close and personal learning experience.


What Is It?

About 12 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD you will find Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre, in the midst of D’Aguilar National Park. The centre does cost money, however it is priced very affordably (At the time of posting adults: $6.60, children: $3.20), and is a wonderful place to take young children to get an up close and personal look at some of Australia’s most interesting and iconic wildlife.


The centre features a cave with nocturnal animals on display, an aviary where you can get right up close to the stunning birds and a large outdoor area where wallabies roam free.


Some of the many animals at the centre include snakes, platypuses, owls, wombats, frogs, lung fish, possums, and many more. There are also electronic displays nearby the animal enclosures with loads of interesting information on the wildlife.



Located above the wildlife section, the centre also features a small cafe called the Green Tree Frog Café. After exploring the wildlife below, the Café is the perfect place to relax and wind down over a delicious meal. Open times are Monday – Friday: 10AM – 2PM, and Saturday – Sunday: 9AM – 4PM.


How Long Does It Take?

We recommend allowing at least one hour to experience most of what Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre has to offer. However for the absolute best experience, we recommend heading to the centre just before lunch and dining in at the café. Whilst you are there, we also recommend checking out the Walkabout Creek Nature Walks located right next door. For this complete experience, we recommend allowing around 2-3 hours.

How Do I Get There?

Walkabout Creek Wildlife Centre is located on the outskirts of The Gap, in the midst of D’Aguilar National Park. 60 Mount Nebo Rd. The Gap, Brisbane QLD. See the map below for more details:

What Should I Bring?

We recommend bringing good ankle supporting shoes, plenty of drinking water and your camera!

What Do You Think?

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