iFly Indoor Skydiving

Quick Overview of iFly Indoor Skydiving: 

Located on the Gold Coast, iFly Indoor Skydiving is a state of the art facility that utilises a large, vertical wind tunnel to launch you into flight, promising to provide a safe experience that feels just like the real thing. 


What Is It? 

The latest thing in action sports, iFly is a state of the art indoor skydiving facility located on the Gold Coast that utilises a vertical wind tunnel, where massive wind generators launch you into effortless flight. 
With no experience required and safe for all ages 3 and up, iFly promises to provide a skydiving experience just like the real thing, whilst also presenting a challenging experience for adults, and a realistic experience for veteran skydivers.
The flight sessions take place inside a large, glass wind tunnel with a 360 degree viewing chamber. The sessions run every 30 minutes, with a maximum of 16 people each – however they do have larger group capabilities if necessary. 

For those who are not quite sure (or like me, were a little bit nervous!), iFly also offers free daily shows, spectators are welcome to walk in and check out the facility before they book tickets themselves. 

How Much Does It Cost & How Do I Book Tickets? 

For the latest pricing and to book tickets, check out their website here: 

How Do I Get There? 

iFly Gold Coast is located at 3084 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise. For more information, check out the detailed map below: 

What Should I Bring?

We recommend bringing good lace up shoes, a bag to store all your valuables in (they do have lockers onsite), and your camera so that your friends and family can get some shots of you flying!

What Do You Think?

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