Ecopark Fishing World & Farm Stay

Quick Overview:

With thousands of fish just waiting to be caught in the beautiful ponds within Ecopark Fishing World & Farm Stay, a huge range of animals to see up close and personal and the vibrant yet relaxing atmosphere, you are sure to have a good time during your visit here.


What Is It?

Ecopark Fishing World & Farm Stay is an affordably priced theme park located in Luscombe where the main theme revolves around fishing. There are many beautiful ponds within the park that are stocked with thousands of fish ready to be caught. The park provides fishing rods, nets and plenty of bait to ensure that you will get to experience the excitement of catching a few fish during your visit.


The parks catch and release policy and special equipment ensures that the fish are not hurt in the process, and that there will always be plenty of fish for everyone to catch.


Ecopark Fishing World & Farm Stay is not just about fishing, however. Throughout the park there are many other exciting animals that you can have up close encounters with including alpacas, beautiful birds, peacocks, goats, miniature horses and even white ostriches to name a few!


Whilst we were there we really enjoyed getting up close to the white ostriches. They were very playful and just as inquisitive of us as we were of them! Part of the package includes bags of animal feed that we loved giving to the animals.


I would have to say that my favourite part of the park was the bird enclosures. The birds are very friendly, and would actually let us feed them large seeds by hand. Some of the birds were even able to talk!




If you’re interested in visiting Ecopark Fishing World & Farm Stay, check out their website for more information and pricing:

How Long Does It Take?

We recommend allowing at least 4-6 hours to experience all that Ecopark Fishing World & Farm Stay has to offer. You will want to allow at least 2-3 hours of fishing, providing enough time to catch plenty of fish. It will take about 1.5 hours to see and feed all of animals and birds (there are quite a few!). Add in lunch, plus some time to wonder around and soak in the relaxing atmosphere of the park, and there is easily a days worth of entertainment here.

How Do I Get There?

Ecopark Fishing World & Farm Stay is located on the corner of Halls Rd & Beaudesert – Beenleigh Rd, Luscombe. For more information, check out the map below:

What Should I Bring?

Whilst there are plenty of picnic tables to sit on around the park, we recommend bringing a blanket and setting up on one of the many grassy hillsides surrounding the ponds. We also recommend bringing sunscreen and your camera.

What Do You Think?

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