Cabarita Beach

Quick Overview:

Just a short 1.5 hour drive from Brisbane, Cabarita Beach has a lot to offer including pristine ocean views, delightful nature walks and stunning grassy hillsides. Whale watching is also a favourite local pastime so keep your eye out and you may be lucky enough to spot one!


What Is It?

Just a short 1.5 hour drive from Brisbane, Cabarita Beach is a quiet little town right on the border of New South Whales where you can forget your troubles and enjoy the warm sea breeze. With its delicious local bakery as well as the fish and chip store within walking distance, Cabarita Beach is a great place to spend the day and have some lunch (although there are plenty of tables and grassy hillsides to have a picnic if that is more your thing!).

If you are lucky enough, at certain times of the year Cabarita Beach is also renowned for its whale watching. Grab a seat on the top of the cliffs where you will have uninterrupted views over the pristine ocean and keep your eye out!


With large areas of protected land with limited development surrounding Cabarita Beach, it truly is a great place to come and relax in the quiet, warming atmosphere. There are also plenty of nature walks close to the beach where you can explore the local native wildlife.


How Long Does It Take?

We recommend leaving home early and spending the entire day at Cabarita Beach as the drive takes about 1.5 hours from Brisbane City. However for the absolute best experience, we recommend planning a weekend away and staying for a few days. There are loads of local camping grounds, holiday rental houses and motels to choose from, just make sure you book first!

How Do I Get There?

Cabarita Beach is located right on the border of New South Whales. See the map below for more information:

What Should I Bring?

We recommend taking your swimmers and sunscreen, as well as good ankle supporting shoes to wear on the many beautiful nature walks. Also don’t forget to bring your camera and a picnic lunch (Although there is a delicious bakery and fish and chip store within short walking distance of the main beach).

Can I Bring My Dog? 

According to the Tweed Shire Council Website, dogs are allowed in the following areas: 

South Cabarita Beach – 200m south of Norries Headland to a point one kilometre north of Cudgera Creek.

What Do You Think?

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